Nov 26, 2014

Netto's Adventures #26

Nov 25, 2014

Netto's Adventures #25

Let me tell you, I rate this a B on the Bud scale (Buy). Why? Well it's a challenging retro game in a sea of stagnant Angry Bird copiers. I love the options menu, and it's fun to play. For their first app, Pure Ego did an amazing job. Game costs $1.99 on the app store and you can buy it for you iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. I had the privilege of witnessing the development of the game, and met one of the developers. He is passionate about the content he delivers and focuses on genuinely providing a unique experience.
Granted just like any game, Lone Hawk is Pure Ego's first steps in a highly competitive market, and it's not perfect. It is testing the waters. But so far, first impressions are a hit.

If you're up for a round of cool WW2 warfare with classic top down shooter style and a powerful emotional soundtrack, check it out. Fans of top down shooters and old style gaming will not be disappointed.

Nov 23, 2014

Nov 22, 2014

Is MacroBud Cursed?

This is my first Brickfilm. It follows a character from my pictorial series MacroBud. MacroBud will be uploaded on my blog daily after Netto's Adventures is done. Both series may cross over. So in keeping with continuity, this scene happens on MacroBud's way to Belldorf. What is wrong with MacroBud? Did he find clues to the Reica Elixir? All will be told in the series, so stay tuned to

I uploaded this to get some feedback on my first brickfilm. I focused more on the audio component, but i think I need better fluidity and perhaps a better editing software than movie maker. Also lighting.

Either way, check out my blog linked above. I'm on G+ , Twitter, and all that Jazz. Links are on the buttons on the website.

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