Mar 31, 2015

Green Collecting : Decision and G+ Community

This is a follow up post to my thoughts on collecting Transformers and other toys.

I stressed that we need to start a green culture with regards to collecting toys. There is simply too much plastic on Earth. I see too many repeat pictures of people's collections having the same figures. The problem as I explained is in the environmental damage plastic has. I alluded to the great garbage patches. Which are massive collections of plastic in the Pacific. Please read this to know more about them 

So you read the info on garbage patches? no?

What are you waiting for! READ IT. I'll wait...

Ok so you're not a reader, then watch these two videos embedded below for your convenience

Google: Great Pacific garbage patch. See for yourself.

You're convinced right?

Thankfully, you're a decent human being.

But you're a Transformers/ Toy Collector.

You love plastic. You love toys. They're in your room right now. Displayed with awesome poses and menacing factions vs. heroic ones. You'd probably open the Matrix of leadership if anyone tried to harm your wonderful collection.

Well no one is going to harm it, don't worry. But you may be harming others. Not just countless marine life, birds, etc.. You're harming your friends and family. You're harming yourself. Yes you! Stop hurting yourself.
Indirectly of course. You keep buying more and more and more. It doesn't end. Sure maybe the new figures have tiny non plastic threads keeping your figure inside your pristine clam shell. But you're supporting something that is detrimental. You're creating demand for a market that can't wait to produce more. Who cares right?" The factories are in China. Let those Chinese kids deal with it. They seem to be happy in those pictures when looking for valuables. I'm American, I'm Japanese, I'm Russian, I'm Jamaican, I'm Kenyan, I'm Sauidi Arabian, I'm German, I'm doesn't affect me. "

NEWS FLASH, have you seen the images! Have you read the articles and evidences. The patch is massive! It is global, it affects every single one of you. If not you now, then you tomorrow. Or your kids. Have you seen the unbelievable increase in products everywhere.

You get my point don't you. And for the record I think I like you for getting that point. You care about all of this. You're an intelligent being. Cause and effect. Makes sense right? I'm glad it does make sense.

"Why Bud are you being all preachy and tree hugging all of a sudden?"
 First, I haven't even talked about trees, that is an entire different battle. Second, I'm not being preachy. I'm not better than you or anyone. I'm guilty of consuming lots of plastic. I collected Transformers and many other lovely figures and figurines. I'm a collector. I love the hobby.
I'm trying to find a way to increase awareness and make this collecting culture change. There is a point in the future where we can be collectors and still have the same enjoyment we have today without destroying everything in the process. We can work together. PLEASE let's work together. If you're Mexican, Red Head , or Asian, I want to work with you all. These environmental disasters are becoming very serious exponentially. If anything we should all be preachy about it.

Enough mumbo jumbo then. Let's get to the guts of it all.

I don't know the answer yet. Nor do I have all the solutions.

As much as it pains me, I'm trying to reduce my collection down to one figure. I had sold a lot of my collection and gave away ( see previous post). I still have some stuff back in storage at my old place which is in a completely different country. It will be a long time to get back to them. But whatever collection I have in front of me on the go, I have sold. I intend to only buy 1 or 2 figures and that's it! If I want a new one, I would sell it, or trade it. I should stop it 100% but as I said, I like this hobby and don't want it to be abrupt on you all. I want to phase it out. Going down to 1 figure is a big change. Collectors know what I'm talking about. Help me and help yourselves bring this level down. Propose solutions, talk about it. Spread the word. Be proud that your collection is small , but you put a lot of effort in selecting it. You keep it small to help Earth. Maybe one day you will sell it all. Or recycle it all. But for now, we want to minimize it. Minimize this insane explosion of figure collecting and mass plastic consumption. Set targets for yourselves, set limits. A budget. For me, I'm thinking of only having a Masterpiece Transformer figure or perhaps a legends/deluxe and my tiny MacroBud Lego minifig. Tell me what you would like to do with your collection?

This is ongoing folks. This patch and many other landfills and dumps everywhere, need to be challenged constantly.

I am asking you to make a stand. Not against Megatron or Dr. Octopus. Make a stand against excess plastic in your life. Aspire to be better humans, Cybertronians, inhumans, mutants....whoever you are.

Step by step, we can help spread the awareness. Who knows maybe Hasbro might be willing to join us and lead Green Collecting.

Maybe one day we can call it, Plastic Free Collecting.

What do you say folks?

Come on! It matters. Optimus would do this. Even Megatron would do this. Arcee would do this. All of us are here for Earth as it is for us.

I have created a new Google Plus Community especially for helping raise awareness about plastic consumption and making collecting more green. Perhaps this can slowly make your life more green. Post, comment, talk about this issue. If I'm wrong let me know. I'm here to learn and try to stop this and many other environmental concerns.

Please join or spread the word, everyone is welcome.

The Google Plus community is called "Green Toy Collecting"
and is found here

If you want to make your own community on different sites, please do so. Let me know so I can link it on my blog and everywhere else. 

Mar 28, 2015

TIE Fighter - short film (WATCH IT, SRSLY)

If you haven't seen this, stop what you are doing and watch it. Trust me, it is AMAZING!

Star Wars Rebels? Ha!

This is how Star Wars should have been treated. The creator may receive a hail of lawsuits and copyright infringement, but this type of quality should be rewarded, not ridiculed.

Thank you for making something that we have all been wanting to see. 

Mar 25, 2015

A Dialogue Between Two Transformers

So here was a post on the Transformers Google + community about Decepticons. If you follow the thread they were talking in general about it. I started an argument with awesome user +Bumblebee Autobot . And even though it was short bits, I ended up putting a really long dialogue script. I really liked it because it highlighted many of the points I take issue with. The continuity I was referring to was the Transformers in the Bay movies.It sort of makes sense for other continuities also.
For the record, I may have taken it a bit too far by writing a long post, but it's all in good fun :) and Bumblebee Autobot was a good sport about it.

Here is the dialogue I presented with a little bit of the background I was saying, Enjoy.
(post below is modified for spelling and other clarifications"

"As Decepticons we all care for life forms. But push anyone to the brink of extinction and the lines about caring get really blurred. It is just survival. A law of nature found on Earth also. Humans will slaughter the cows. They will cut down trees. Because they need to survive.  Humans killed each other over and over again. It is sad, war is sad and ugly. Human leaders that claim to fight for freedom are using tools of war to spread said freedom. It is a great cause to fight for life forms. You think Megatron is stupid? or he doesn't know that. He knows that all too well, that's why he is trying to end this war to get to the real progress.

It's like two people wanting to build a house on a lot.
There is guy #1, then guy #2,

#1 says, "ok I need you to promise me, you won't mess this up ok? you won't build the house by killing anyone."

#2 says"yes yes, I got it, can we please start . My wife is waiting for me".

He brings the first block and he just puts it on the soil.

#1 interrupts saying" stop! you're gonna kill people by doing this".

#2 says " I just started, I didn't even finish, no one is dead yet. You are accusing me of something I didn't do".

proceeds to put a second block and #1 takes that block and throws it in a populated area. The lot has people and insects etc.

#2 says " Damn it #1 why did you throw it there? It's populated"

#1 says " you're dangerous, you are not to be trusted with this block. you want to kill everyone, you don't care about life."

#2 says " that's crazy #1, I'm trying to build, of course I care. I told you I have a wife and kids. If you let me just build instead of accusing me".

#2 now goes to the second lot that has his block and there is grass he has to step on to get it unfortunately.

#1 jumps and throwing punches like a delusional person saying "you are a monster, you want to kill these people, hey people, this guy is a harbinger of death , he wants your moneys, he wants your women, he called your momma fat, come help me fight him"

#2 "dude! what's wrong with you? don't make me get violent and defend myself. I have anger issues, and you know that "

#1 "you're yesterday's model, one shall stand one shall fall"

#2 "what are you on? would you leave me alone! Let me just do my job"

#1 "freedom is the right of all sentient beings"

#2 "yes yes WE KNOW THAT, we're trying to live and just get to work and feed our families"

#1 "the sky is blue. Water flows, wind blows"

#2 " would you stop saying random truths and help us"

#1 "I would never help you, you're scum, you want to destroy everything, you're the harbinger of death"

#2 "I swear you're stupid Prime! You take the lifeline of all our race and throw it into space. Let us all die. You point your finger at us and say we don't care about freedom. Putting yourself above others. As if you're appointed to make this ruling. You righteous zealot. You're a fanatic. You're so obsessed with this whole freedom thing. You don't want to compromise breaking an egg to make an omelet. You have to break a few eggs. It's life!  I didn't put this rule. The Universe did. Some poor tree or soil has to be removed to build a house now. I care for the tree, don't get me wrong, but I have families on Cybertron that need to live. Sure I will remove this tree. But I will plant it somewhere else. I will get my top scientist Shockwave to figure it out, he always does. But you, you're crazy man. You're like those paranoid people that want to end world hunger without any effort. Well Prime, I will show you. I will teach you a lesson. I'm going to fight you and your righteous ideology. You're not better than anyone. You always get human children involved in our war. We have a war dumbass! and you're bringing children in the cross fire. NEWS FLASH, they are going to get shot. Someone is going to use this weakness as an advantage. Could be me but probably by some lesser intelligent soldiers of mine in my army. They're less intelligent because they don't have a power source at their home planet so they don't have schools to learn to be good people. They're so lost by their hunger, they don't care. A power source you stole and threw away. Have you ever been truly hungry Prime? Oh yeah I forgot, you're royalty. You're the (let them eat cake type). That's what you sound like all the time.

What did you expect Prime? You come onto Earth, making accusations that we are the bad guys. As if things were so simple being good and bad. We only asked for the boy. Even their own governments agreed to this. Their own people are ok with handing over the boy when it came to survival. But no, you have to make a grand spectacle of things. You're going to paint your body with one of their country's flag. Try to win them over. You're going to yell and rush a child to look for his glasses. A child PRIME! You want to put the fate of a 4 million year war on a child! Do you realize the trauma this could cause him? No you don't care. you never cared. Just because Primus said you are leader doesn't make you one. Leaders are molded. They're chosen by the people. They make tough decisions. Yes we may have to destroy Earth's sun now because your stupid actions lost us the friggin Allspark! We may have to bring our own planet in the atmosphere, because once again your stupid actions lost us the friggin Allspark!

Your stupidity pisses me off so much I just want to ...I just want to....I want to crush you with my bear hands!!!  I want to rip out your optics. How could any one be this naive! This is madness AAARRRGGHGHH"

#3 " It's ok megs buddy, relax, he's not worth it man."

#2 " NO STARSCREAM, he has to see this. He has to be accountable for what he's done....he ruined everything. Millions killed because of him. The entire planet was torn apart. He could have talked to us. He could have worked something out. He didn't have to send the allspark away. I flew light years after it. I put my life on the line. What did he do? He just sent it off to space. Saying it's too powerful of an object. People don't do that, we talk it out, we work things out. His attitude was, if I can't have it, no one can. Things don't just get solved by throwing nice quotes around. He is deceiving them. He is deceiving himself!"

#3 "You're right. He brought this upon himself and upon us. Show him you're angry, prove him wrong. He won't understand. I will join your cause.  I will rally all my seekers with you. We may be labelled as bad guys. We may be called Evil. But we will do what we have to , even if that means we have to break a few eggs to save the entire universe"

#1 "Megatron! This ends here. I have tricked Earth's armies to stop you."

#2 " I will never stop Prime. If the universe has to burn just to show you how stupid you are, so be it. I will wait an eternity. Millions will be lost to prove a point. But I will do it. I will make war define us. I will mold my body into a weapon to stop you. One day you will realize, you were wrong."


So yeah they are fictional characters and all. As I said, its fun doing this. 

Mar 22, 2015

Thoughts About Collecting Transformers And Other Plastic Toys

"What I'm thinking about is an upgrade to this collecting culture. A more sustainable approach to collecting."

Collecting anything is awesome. It allows you to preserve the past in the present. You get to meet wonderful people who are passionate about what you are passionate about. For me, I'm really interested in collecting figures (aka toys). Mostly of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Transformers, Pokemon, etc..

The stuff I bought more recently, like Transformers Armada Unicron, Generations hotspot, and Generations Fall of Cybertron, I sold or gave away also. I remember I put up an ad on classifieds, I wanted to sell this Minecraft Creeper cardboard mask. I wanted it for making youtube videos, but it didn't fit me. I met this lady outside Starbucks, and when she offered the 10 Euros I was asking for it, I told her, is this for you or for your kids. She said " yes and that they love Minecraft." I asked, "do they by chance like Lego, and other toys? " She said "of course."

I went to my car, and got a box full of all my collection. Dark of the moon Crankcase, generations bumblebee, generations cliff jumper, dotm sideswipe, lego sets, x-wing etc. The whole deal. She had 3 or 4 kids. And I gave them all to her. I just wanted to meet someone who has kids that like this stuff so I can giveaway. She was shocked and was really surprised that I had these toys. She asked "why did I have these toys when I don't have any kids?" I said "Well I'm a fan, I collect them, I do stop motion." She thanked me and accepted the "donation/gift" and I moved on. Her kids were ecstatic. Turns out Bumblebee was their favorite, she surprised them in the car.

Why are you telling us this Bud? 
Well, I'm not telling you this to paint me as a person that donates. In fact I think this was a rare event, especially when it came to my collection.

As a collector, I wanted to sell and maximize the price so I have money to buy the next figure. I was going to meet her, so I said why not just giveaway everything and see how it felt. I felt both good and regretful. I felt good because knowing that instead of being on my shelf somewhere, these kids were happy. Also that the toys, were re-purposed. I felt regret because of losing my collection and financial "losses" so to speak.

Today ( a year later), I yearn for collecting again. I want to buy new figures. Display them, play with them, take pictures of them etc. I see amazing collections on Google +, on Youtube and all that. I spend a long time browsing ebay, Amazon, BBTS, looking at new toys, and wishing to buy the latest movie accurate Avengers collectibles. It's a wonderful hobby. There isn't a better time to be a collector. The quality of figures and accuracy are the best in human history. However, "Houston, we have a problem."

One big problem is preserving human history. The overwhelming supply of toys everywhere. More and more and more plastic. At first it was "omg which one should I get, this is blue, black, ooooh it's a Decepticon too", but now it is more like "wait a minute, this is a lot of plastic on the shelves". So it dawned upon me...All these toys are going to end up in a landfill or in the ocean somewhere. The plastic breaks down and contribute to destroying our environment. The factories producing these plastic toys are making greenhouse gases, using lots petroleum as a raw material. Petroleum that is a limited resource. And here we are molding it into a badass toy (I'm looking at you Mp-10B), but ultimately non functional in the end.

This isn't a depressing streak, nor is it a a judgmental post. I'm not hating on collectors. Perhaps, this is more of a pause and reflection. Collectors if anything are doing their part, since they keep the figures as long as possible, they pass it down and cherish them , and don't cause them to end up in landfills. They clean them, maintain them, share their love. Which is a wonderful thing.

But the great garbage patches are just too big of a problem affecting our and humanity's future. It is too big to ignore. If you are unaware of these patches, here check this aritcle out by National Geographic  . I urge you to read it. It puts things in perspective.

What I'm thinking about is an upgrade to this collecting culture. A more sustainable approach to collecting.

Maybe collectors can pool their collections and minimize overall consumption. Sure the toy companies might see reduced sales, but if they put being Green on top of their list, maybe they wouldn't mind. You don't have to be an Optimus, Megatron, and Spiderman collector all at the same time. What if you are just collecting Optimuses, and your buddy is collecting Megatrons. Rather than being a personal effort, why not make it a collective one.

You'll say, "but that's stupid, I want Megatron because I want to hold it in my hand, if it's somewhere across the globe, how is that part of my collection?"

Here is a thought: assume we have a Transformers game like Fall of Cybertron. If you choose to collect only Optimuses, and you are in a clan with someone who collects Megatrons, you get perks for doing that. You get all the Megatron skins for free. That way , you get to participate, enjoy the character while keeping your footprint as small as possible. We start doing this with every franchise, and we might have a shot at bringing the consumption levels down a bit (at least from toys side). Of course toys/figures are probably a small fraction of the plastic waste. Of course there are many other items we can reduce.This isn't just a plastic problem. Plastic bags etc. So this isn't only pointed at collectors. But let's start somewhere.

Here is an idea for example, if Fedex gave a rebate for people in this collector program, your buddy could ship you all the Megatrons and you can "time share" the collection. All for the goal of sustainability. All to save Earth. For your kids, for their kids and for our home. You benefit from a community and reduced expenses for your collection.

The answer isn't in...stop collecting. It needs to be a consorted effort. The toy companies need to see a change in the market significant enough to respond. We all need to be responsible. If we keep buying and buying and buying, they'll keep making more and more. I know there are many responsible collectors that sell their figures at conventions and trade stuff.

There are many great things currently helping the effort of minimizing plastic consumption. Youtube reviews are a great way because they let us see the figure before buying and we get to be more selective. The digital gaming world has been the biggest breakthrough, since now you're only buying characters in digital space. The main reason I like Minecraft is that it is basically Lego, yet without all that plastic. Not only is it cheaper, but environmentally friendly. We need more of that.

I'm so happy to see kids playing minecraft or mobile games. Sure we are entering in gaming and the problems with gaming (I'll have a blog post on this some day). But that means the toys are getting less attention. Toy companies are trying so hard to not be eroded away.We see the recent shift in skylanders, amiibos. Bringing the physical world into the cyber world. But that means more plastic consumption again. We need a solution.

Consider this post one of awareness and not judgement. I love the hobby, and will continue to do so. But I have personally decided to make a tough choice and limit my consumption. I have another post coming up about what I decided to do with regards to collecting.

Earth is truly so unique, we have to care for her, she is bigger than all of us. 

Mar 11, 2015

Why Megatron Needs To Be A Gun!

There are few things in media that instill actual fear in people. As often as G1 is recalled for being "great", today I'm making yet another positive point towards it. Let's face it, Megatron is a wimp in G1. Always was and sadly always will be. Yelling "Decepticons retreat" at the end of each episode. Whimpering at the loss of his wacky doomsday weapons. But there was always this real feeling about him that well, scared us. It would allow him to surpass his wimpyness and visually represent death. Today's tool of death that is. This visual cue would provide the perfect balance and the necessary justification for treating the Decepticons as a threat. It was his gun mode. He turned into the weapon that makes whoever wields it.... a panic inducing murderer. It symbolized pointing and ending someone's life. Such powerful imagery. Rather than be a jet or a car or a truck, Megatron saw beyond that and didn't care, because he was all about power. All about execution. He projected his power in his gun mode. His fusion cannon was always an allusion to his gun mode. His design is simple, your average tin head with eyebrows. Nothing special about him. He allowed the writers to script him as a wimp, but always had the last laugh when he turned into a gun. The gun....something which we all fear. Everyone listens to whoever has a gun. Guns turn normal situations into chaos. It's the mystery of who will get shot and when, that creates suspense. The crown performance that showed everyone that Megatron was a big deal was obviously in the animated movie. He no longer was a wimp. Two words when uttered bring about horrific memories and still to this day cause fans to shake their heads in despair......"Die Autobots". It was the perfect combination of a surprise attack, superb animation, a passionate Frank Welker and the horrific death of key Autobots....all while the incredibly rage induced "Instruments of Destruction" soundtrack was playing. The scene was only one minute and 25 seconds long! But it was exceptionally efficient. We knew then and there that Megatron was not kidding around. Next time you hear someone announce "Decepticons", you knew hell was breaking loose. Brawn, Prowl, Ironhide, Ratchet. Died instantly. They burst into flames for god's sake. From the inside! Now that set the tone. And Megatron didn't need to transform again. He ruthlessly killed Prime and it was epic. We got to see how dark the Decepticons can be. How powerful. So now when any Decepticon announces "prepare for extermination", we have a visual sense of what that could be. The words "Decepticons Attack" had meaning, focus, and fear attached to it. From a writing stand point, that gave the Autobots more of an achievement when they finally did defeat this threat. It gave the Autobots purpose. It was dynamic without needing to say much. Megatron's ruthlessness was also extended to Galvatron a bit. Here we had a wacky scene with trumpets and coronation of Starscream, and Galvatron just waltzes in and ends it efficiently. Giving no attention to protocol, fancy coronations, and regard to any of the other Decepticons. He commands respect and fear in the audience. You said to yourself, "this guy ain't messing around." While the Autobots had fast talking, dumb story telling characters, the Decepticons were serious and were focused. This contrast is what gave the franchise its spark. All stemming from a tyrannical alternative gun mode, that didn't compromise characterization. It went with it all the way.

Look at Megatron now. To make him "evil", he just has more spikes. In animated, his evil trait was not remembering Optimus's name. He turned into a helicopter! Transformers Prime was actually a great depiction of Megatron, that would have been legendary if he had just been a gun. Not some odd looking cybertronian jet. The new Bay movies had him change modes 3 times. Consider this...consider the scene when Megatron returns, he not only rips Jazz in two, but turns into a gun then Starscream wields him killing two or three of the main human characters. Simmons or Mikala for example. Not hating on them, but that would have shot Megatron's stock through the roof. But in Bayverse, the one who is doing the murdering and the ruthless killing was Optimus! It was freaking Optimus who was ripping faces and decapitating his enemies. Do you see a problem with that ? It should have been Megatron, not the hero! Such wasted potential. And even when they made him a tank, we had a nerfed gun shot with barely any recoil that demonstrated no power. His fusion cannon scene was good in the 2007 film, but having Optimus just stand up and walk after it saying "oh and aaah" was lame. Blackout had a powerful weapon in the beginning of the film. This should have been reserved for Megatron. It just shows me how Megatron's characterization has changed. Even in IDW comics, they seem afraid to bring the Megatron characterization back. Deflating any real threat to the scene by having Prime teleport his consciousness into his trailer and what not. Overlord got a good treatment. Sixshot even had a better treatment than Megatron. It seems like IDW, just like most incarnations of the TF franchise are just piggy back riding on that 1 minute and 25 seconds scene in the animated movie (for reference, scene is embedded below).

And for those that are against the gun because it "doesn't make sense, Why would the most powerful Decepticon need someone to wield him.". You are arguing against the strongest point in what makes the Decepticons a unit. You have to be worthy to wield Megatron. It makes more sense that for him to fire a more powerful shot, he compresses his body and energy so much that whatever comes out of that barrel will annihilate everything in its path.It gave us a dynamic connection between the Decepticons. Soundwave, Starscream, Skywarp, all were worthy of him. As a literary action, this was unique to only Transformers. Nowhere did you see, Thanos or Joker get wielded by his second in command. It was unique. The bread and butter of Decepticons. Now they're depicted as treacherous sith like evil characters with no focal point. And his reduction in size is what made him an awesome toy. Kids don't care. I'd argue that out of all the characters, Megatron broke the fourth wall by turning into something we can hold and play with. Made his toy, the only realistic toy out there ( along with Soundwave and the like).

I don't even like Megatron! The day I saw he was no longer a gun was the day I lost respect for that bot. And started rummaging through other characters that meet my criteria. I do understand his importance though. He was the counter weight to all of this.

I do realize the decision for him to not be a gun was due to kids and safety. Which I support, it's good that they did that. But from a character stand point it has hurt them severely. Hasbro doesn't know what to do with him. They're changing his modes, his allegiance, trying to look through history to make him a revolutionary. It's just that Walther P38 was too iconic. Perhaps an adult themed Transformers is needed, hell if you need writers, I'd love to do it. That could be your only option to not have to make a toy and just create a new audience.

For the record and I gotta say this, I don't like guns. In fact I'm completely pro Hasbro not having any guns in the entire franchise for kids. Yes....I know....I just talked about why Megatron needs to be a gun. But if kids are the target audience, keep violence away from them. I'm analyzing the character here and that's why I would urge him to be a gun only in an adult themed TF series, or even the comics. But I think even IDW comics are rated for younger audiences and are meant to sell toys.

Mar 6, 2015

Thoughts on "Transformers: The Great Autobot/ Decepticon War"

I'd like to point out a problem that perhaps only the fans can feel that unfortunately doesn't have a solution. It is intrinsic to time and progress itself. The eternal Autobot / Deception war will never end will it? We as fans will never have closure. Long time closure that is. It is kind of sad that there will not be true peace between them. This of course is the law that is put forth by being toys. For every good team, there has to be a bad team. And that is why it sometimes bothers me. These characters and us along with them, by virtue of the fiction will remain at war. Even if temporarily the war is over in one series, for it to start in another. War is the defining trait of the franchise. And not just regular war, civil war....the worst kind. We as the fans are stuck in between. We see both sides, but can never offer a solution or directly intervene. This is of course the nature of all fiction. But Transformers has a twist. We see the characters dying because their toys are out of production. Does Habsro really know the damage it did by killing off the 80's line in the movie. Or we get inclusions of a random plot device to make a character change his design so they can sell a new toy.

The Autobot/Decepticon war spanned 4 million years. In whatever mythos you choose it has been going on for a long time. Beast Wars was perhaps the only series where we got to see closure of the A/D war. We have a new one between Maximals and the Predacons, but nonetheless it was nice to know that the war was over.

The Heroic Autobots.......
The Evil Decepticons.....

Simple words describing 4 million years. 

And Cybertron suffers. This war is perpetual. But who is truly the one that is correct? Which side is the right side? Surely the side that tells you they are the "good" guys aren't good because they too have participated in their fair share of death and destruction. There is no "good" in war. Whoever tells you they're the good guys in war are probably lying. The Decepticons don't even bring morals into it. They're motivated by resources and "peace through tyranny". At least they're honest. Decepticons don't follow a decadent lineage of Primes. As most of you know, I am a Decepticon. I have made the argument in a post before my blog was relaunched that Decepticons aren't the bad guys. It's just propaganda. I will find my old blog posts and perhaps repost them. Anyways I digress. My point wasn't that Decepticons are the "good" guys. Decepticons aren't as apologetic. It's war, they know the stakes, and they're very efficient at it.

What bothers me is the endlessness of it all. The only time was in the IDW ongoing comic series More Than Meets The Eye, where in the issue that we first meet the Decepticon Justice Division (#7 Rules of Disengagement). We see a team of scavenger Decepticons discuss the end of the war. Finally we see the other side of the biased Autobot storytelling. We get to see the Decepticons' feelings. They aren't just bots who chose the wrong side. They chose it because it mattered to them. They die for the cause because Megatron represented something against the corrupt Autobot regime. Sure they may be violent, but who isn't in war?

Back to Cybertron, the true victim in all of this. Both Autobots and Decepticons love Cybertron. It's their home. They speak of it, sing about it, and fight for it. As fans, we see this war and it somehow takes a piece out of us. We feel the despair, the burden on both sides. Perhaps what I want to conclude with is that, will we one day see a war end and witness Cybertron's Golden age again? Have it permanently stay that way. Not just alluded to. Will we ever get to live it, for an entire series?

....nah I think most of you just want to see these guys fight.

Decepticons FOREVER!!!

Mar 4, 2015

Blog: mini thoughts

A lot has been happening. So much in fact that I haven't been able to sit down and write a single post or review. I've been microblogging via Twitter and G+. I'll continue to do that regularly (more so Twitter now, cause who knows what G+ will turn into). But I'm gonna try and get some more writing done. Either reviews, thoughts, or stories.

Here are some open posts/projects that I want to tackle in the short term:
- Review: Borderlands The Presequel
- Review: Transformers Battle Tactics Mobile Game
- Review: Interstellar
- Thoughts on Transformers in general
- Avengers related content. How I think it will go down
- State of gaming
- Story .....DFTD
- Minecraft village progress /lets play

There are more of course, and one day I may tackle them or not. I tend to need a muse to write about something.

I managed to give a USB to a friend with some videos that I wanted to upload. He went to the US, so he will hopefully upload them. I've been and still am on the go, so I can't really upload anything with this extremely slow net of mine.

MacroBud was just released.As always would love to hear feedback on those who went through the album and read the story associated with it.

Feb 23, 2015

Newest Pictorial Series, "MacroBud" is here at last (with 25% more zoom)


My latest and most story driven pictorial series is out. MacroBud. It follows MacroBud in his journey to find the Reica Elixir.

MacroBud album can be found here for free yay!!!

The story is in the same universe as Netto's Adventures, but follows different narration and has a deeper story. The events in MacroBud happen after Netto's Adventures.  

Send me you feedback on Twitter @budmaloney , Google + or anything really, even this blog. All my social media buttons are on 

Jan 25, 2015

Netto's Adventures Complete Album (Available now....for free...yay)

Netto's Adventures Complete Album

The entire Netto's Adventures album is available for your entertainment right here

I decided to put it all in one place so you can follow along with the story.

Now that it's over, this series continues into my all new series that is coming up called Macrobud. Macrobud will be a more in depth and epic story.

Send me you feedback on Twitter @budmaloney , Google + or anything really, all the social media buttons are on