Feb 23, 2015

Newest Pictorial Series, "MacroBud" is here at last (with 25% more zoom)


My latest and most story driven pictorial series is out. MacroBud. It follows MacroBud in his journey to find the Reica Elixir.

MacroBud album can be found here for free yay!!!

The story is in the same universe as Netto's Adventures, but follows different narration and has a deeper story. The events in MacroBud happen after Netto's Adventures.  

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Jan 25, 2015

Netto's Adventures Complete Album (Available now....for free...yay)

Netto's Adventures Complete Album

The entire Netto's Adventures album is available for your entertainment right here

I decided to put it all in one place so you can follow along with the story.

Now that it's over, this series continues into my all new series that is coming up called Macrobud. Macrobud will be a more in depth and epic story.

Send me you feedback on Twitter @budmaloney , Google + or anything really, all the social media buttons are on http://www.budmaloney.com

Jan 24, 2015

Netto's Adventures post format (Please Vote)

So I haven't posted a blog posting a while. Mostly because I've just been posting Netto's Adventures while working on other things.

So far since I relaunched budmaloney.com , I've been getting a huge following. It's blowing up I tell ya. I'm thankful for all the fans that support what I do., thanks gals and guys. 

I've been posting daily Netto's Adventures. We're up to #88 right now. yay! In a few posts I'll be introducing Netto to a new story arc that is filled with beautiful macros and friends. Though I'm conflicted about how to post the next batch of pictures. The post a day is a nice thing, but it doesn't fully sync with G+  or Twitter and I don't really want to spam people's feeds. So I'm thinking, should I just put all of Netto's Adventures in a single G+ album?  That way it's much easier to follow. But then I'd abandon the daily post. I was trying to go for a webcomic feel. The only problem is that blogger doesn't have that built into it. There are ways around it, like having links underneath each photo, but it got too tedious. Plus I even have Macrobud coming up which is its own series but overlaps with Netto to finally get a new series that I haven't done yet with both of them in it (together or against each other....you'll have to find out). Do you like the daily Netto, or do you prefer just to have it on an album and you scroll through?

 Head on to the Google + poll and vote for what you like

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Netto's Adventures #88

 I also removed that ugly tattoo he had while I was in there.

Netto's Adventures #87: Augs

With these new augs, he can move them.

Jan 20, 2015

Netto's Adventures #83

Thankfully I'm an expert robot surgeon. Tools of the trade you see

Jan 19, 2015