Oct 3, 2014

Chaos Theory: Meet Chaos Theory Company..Finally

This effectively ends my Chaos Theory series, only one post remains. The last two weeks I have been uploading each and every marine from Chaos Theory Company. Well here they are all together. I don't really know if I want to continue with Chaos Space Marines. It was fun converting my existing Space Marines to CSM, the basing was my favorite part. The whole reason I like CSM is because of the Marines themselves. The tanks etc. Yes I am aware that they're just Space Marines with spikes, which I'm totally okay with. I'm not a fan of Space Marines lore, be it BA or DA or whatever. Chaos is cool, I gotta admit. The mutations give way for numerous conversions, paint schemes, and army builds. I find it a bit ironic though, especially since no one fields actual marines! They're all cultists, plague or helldrakes. Marines are weak and expensive in CSM. They look awesome though.So I think my permanent army should be something that is useful all around and look cool while doing it. I think I'm going to go Dark Eldar. They're interesting models and their tactics , though difficult, seem fun. I also had fun painting my 20 Kabalites. The last post for Chaos Theory will include the small semi-diorama I did with Chaos Theory Company vs my 20 kabalite warriors. I put them all in plexiglass because they stink! Both sides. I had to use kerosene to strip the kabalite paint and it still reeks, while the varnish on the marines was unbearable. I've been rambling on, here they are...next up is the clash.

Chaos Theory: Meet Splash

Meet Splash, a cunning warrior in my Chaos Theory 40K army. Not much is known about his background. He saw his fellow Blood Angels: Quid, Seeker, and Makos abandon the legion and joined them. Splash can solve any problem with his trusty missle launcher.Only his squadmates can hear him chuckle every time he fires a missile. Splash is twisted, vile, and a weapon of mass destruction. If you hear chuckles, run! He has you in his sights. If the missiles don't get his victims, Splash is ready with his bolt pistol at all times.

Chaos Theory: Meet Trigger

Meet Trigger, the lunatic of my Chaos Theory 40K army. "Trigger likes guns. Trigger wants to please the Chaos powers. Trigger no like Eldar. Trigger throw nurglings at Space Marines. Trigger is Chaos. Chaos in my bullets"

Chaos Theory: Meet Torture

Meet Torture, the gold medal of my Chaos Theory 40K army.Torture lives and breathes the warp. He is convinced the destruction of the imperium is not enough. He must be the one the brings the suffering to each and every legion. Torture is not interested in gifts or mutations, he simply wants to see the Emperor's palace torn and worn as a trophy around his neck. He's a sicko.

Oct 1, 2014

Chaos Theory: Meet Z002

Meet Z002, another warrior in my Chaos Theory 40K army. Z002 was always misunderstood. His real name is not known. But what is known is that Z002 didn't want to join Chaos. He resisted and attempted escape until he witnessed the massacre of an entire world by the Blood Ravens. Afterwards he vowed their destruction. Z002 thus dedicated his body and soul to the will of chaos. "I'll bring the emperor to his knees."

Chaos Theory: Meet Blado

Meet Blado, the brutal warrior in my Chaos Theory 40K army. Blado isn't fooling around. When Chaos Theory were battling a Dark Eldar army at a remote asteroid, a wicked kabalite snuck behind Blado and sliced his right arm. The kabalite warrior attacked the wrong marine. Blado turned and tore the Eldar's arm with the splinter cannon still attached to it. He then squished his fragile body under his power armour. Now the splinter cannon remains where Blado's arm used to be, attached by mysterious powers. Blado now picks off enemies at will.

Sep 30, 2014

Chaos Theory: Meet Seeker

Meet Seeker, an instrument of destruction in my Chaos Theory 40K army. Seeker betrayed the Blood Angels because they were too weak. Their ambitions were too limited. Seeker wanted more. The Blood Angels told him we want to reach all the stars. Seeker refused this optimistic and primitive notion and escaped with his stolen weaponry to Chaos. He leads the havoc squad. Now Seeker reaches the stars to make them scream.