Nov 22, 2014

Is MacroBud Cursed?

This is my first Brickfilm. It follows a character from my pictorial series MacroBud. MacroBud will be uploaded on my blog daily after Netto's Adventures is done. Both series may cross over. So in keeping with continuity, this scene happens on MacroBud's way to Belldorf. What is wrong with MacroBud? Did he find clues to the Reica Elixir? All will be told in the series, so stay tuned to

I uploaded this to get some feedback on my first brickfilm. I focused more on the audio component, but i think I need better fluidity and perhaps a better editing software than movie maker. Also lighting.

Either way, check out my blog linked above. I'm on G+ , Twitter, and all that Jazz. Links are on the buttons on the website.

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Netto's Adventures #22

Ok that's it, he's been playing around with my camera collection. He didn't ruin anything thankfully, but I told him explicitly not to touch these items.

Nov 20, 2014

Netto's Adventures #20 Netto: The Dark Knight
Yup , he's using my cleaning cloth as his cape. He's also been speaking in that weird deep voice ALL FREAKIN DAY. He got me to say Joker quotes. And keeps asking me where is Rachael. I have no idea where Rachael is, and I don't care. I was writing up an email when he yelled " THINGS ARE WORSE THAN EVER"

He also has the entire soundtrack on a loop that I cannot end.